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Devon's Forrest

One Story of Many

by Robert I Mesa 


“A young man finds true love in a courageous woman. Before she is added to the list of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.”    

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From the Director & Writer of Devon's Forrest

Countless times that I've heard first hand accounts as well as on newsfeeds.  From local broadcasts from reservations here in the U.S. to the reserves in Canada unbelievable amounts of Indigenous Women are going missing and are never found again. Both Government's rarely almost never ever mention this growing issue.

The message of this film’s love story: is a real life reflection for the women lost and for the other's  met that have lost someone too. I believe that  this story will give a global awareness to this Indigenous epidemic that has claimed the lives of thousands of women and their effected families.

This story is one of many and it needs to be heard. 

-Robert I Mesa



Forrest doesn't want to forget. he lost his courageous girlfriend, devon, in a kidnapping. she is one of many missing and murdered indigenous women. he finds solace in old voicemails and seeks help from a support group, thinking he'll find answers. 



Meet the Cast & Crew


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Robert I MEsa

Director, Writer, Actor


Gabriel Mozart Steven Abeyta 


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Jhane Myers 



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Devery Jacobs



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